Ghost of the Twin Towers, West 41st off the West Side Highway

Ghost of the Twin Towers, West 41st off the West Side Highway

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Being a New Yorker that was in the city when 9/11 happened had most definitely impacted me and in such a way that I believe I will never truly comprehend. The loss of a couple of my childhood friends, a few of my friends lost husbands that were with the F.D.N.Y and going to their wakes was just surreal and devastating.

I was so grateful that my family that worked with the F.D.N.Y was safe. 

I will never forget the day, could never forget no matter how much I may want to. 

As many of you know that follow my work, I do photography in motion. One of the things that I find so intriguing is that you never know what will appear when you shoot. Looking through the photos can be exciting and at times disappointing.

When I looked through a bunch I took while driving through N.Y.C after returning from upstate I was in shock and had massive goosebumps. I even started to cry. It was so intense for me, I wondered how it could be possible to see the Twin Towers?? Especially since there is not a building anywhere near where the photo was taken. It was near the Lobster Company, on West 41st. by the entrance to Pier 81.

This location is approximately 2 miles from where the Twin Towers were. There is no photoshop or any other techniques used. This is 100 natural, via a moving car.

Since I have this image, I feel compelled to share it. I will donate 80% of the proceeds from the prints sold to The Tunnel to Towers Foundation. 

Available in 8X10" signed print, edition of 300