Bank Teller No More

Once upon a time while I was living on my own and working at Republic National Bank in Bay Ridge I knew in my heart that I could not hold on much longer. The day felt as if it was seven days long and I could actually hear my blood swishing through my body. The later being a good sign as it signaled I was still alive!

I would push myself to go in each day, knowing that I needed to pay bills and to eat! All the while I created an insane amount of art each night into the early hours of morning not knowing where it was going or what to do with it. I just felt compelled to create. Looking back now I can see part of the reason I was dragging myself into work each day. This is a pattern that repeats itself many times throughout my life. The need to create and the need to survive! 

By now you are probably wondering what happened to my teller position? 

One day I decided to go home for lunch, and since I lived 3 blocks away it was convenient. But as I began walking home I was thinking of a painting that I wanted to finish up and a vase that I wanted to add coins onto. So I decided then and there I couldn't do it. The job must go!! Freedom to create had dominated everything in my life. The fear of my mounting bills and the decision to gamble everything with the last of my money during a time my family also had a crisis going on had the odds stacked against me. 

I paid for the Brooklyn Arts Council's Brooklyn Heights Art Show ( on the promenade) from my overdue rent money, $90.00 felt like a million dollars to me at that time. Then again it was 1997 so you can figure out the dollar equation. Ha ha:) 

I worked day and night, scavenger hunted through the garbage for glass to create my work on. I used an old can of polyurethane to coat all of my pieces.

I had a full collection of jewelry, paintings, sculptures, vases and wall hangings ready to go ....and they all went! I sold thousands of dollars in art that weekend. First thing I did was pay my rent, second thing was a Mother's Day cake and dinner for my Mom, then I began looking for the next art show.

I took a gamble on myself, and I share this story with you so you can understand a little about me and hopefully feel inspired to take a chance in your own life. We are here for  a short time, too short to not take a chance on our dreams. 


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